Scott and Sheryl’s outdoor kitchen

We drove South along the coast, but the Pacific could only rarely be seen from the road. It seemed to be populated by folks who ran little farms, with a pueblo every 5 miles or so. Eventually we arrived in Canoa. Rodrigo had also recommended that we look up some friends of his in Canoa. Scott and Sheryl had lived in Seattle. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They’d taken 5 years to sell their house, buy and outfit a boat, and learn to sail. They’d then taken 8 years to sail down the coast of America. When they reached Canoa they were pretty impressed, and when a fellow offered them a lot along the beach they bought it. In subsequent years they built a house and two apartments, with a security wall around the whole complex. We stayed in one of their apartments. They’re wonderful people. Scott and Dan talked sailing. Sheryl is a nurse, and she volunteers in one of the local schools. It was fascinating to hear from them what it’s really like to live here, including topics such as security, social life, medical access, family support (or sometimes lack of it) for their children’s educational endeavors and medical issues.


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