Photos From the Road

These are various photos, mostly of people, which we took along the way.


2 thoughts on “Photos From the Road

  1. Sandy

    Wow, I’m sure enjoying this blog of yours and envying you in your steps along the way. The photos are wonderful. I especially enjoyed seeing the frigate birds, having loved them in Venezuela. All is well here. Farmer’s Market today…, the usual delights. Autumn is here, Indian Summer in full force. Is this the best way to email to you or do your gmail accounts work, too?
    I’ll bet you’re starting to be comfortable with spanish.

    1. danmarshall22 Post author

      Thanks for your comment Sandy.
      Yes, our gmail accounts still are a good way to communicate with us, but feel free to make a comment on the blog if you’d like for all readers to see your comment.
      I agree, frigates birds are my favorites. They are the ultimate evolution in flight, flying day and night for a week at a time. Wikipedia says the most remarkable thing about them is the red sack males develop on their necks during mating. I think this is nothing compared to their flying ability.
      Dan and Char.


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