How we Feel

10/5/13 Update

Dan and Char at Las Frietas

Dan and Char at Las Frietas

The other day someone asked whether we were looking for real estate to purchase down here.  Our immediate response was no, but afterwards we considered why not. Here we could purchase a beautiful ocean front home, and go out to dinner every night.  The thing is, we’d very isolated from our friends and family, it would be hard to do many of the things we’re used to doing without a thought at home, and there would always be that concern about security and the need to guard everything so closely.  It’s great to travel and see new cultures, ways of doing things, and to meet new people… but so far we haven’t seen a place we’d want to move to permanently.

9/21/13 Update

So far, it’s felt mostly like we were on vacation.

Frigate Birds are common here.  They can fly for up to a week continuously.

Frigate Birds are common here. They can fly for up to a week continuously.

We travel through areas, see them, take pictures, and move on.  At the same time, we’re aware that we don’t have a home for the next two years, and this is the first phase of a long path, and that path is not at all defined in terms of where we’ll be or what our lives will be like.

We ask ourselves and each other, “So why are we doing this?”  So far we don’t have answers.  Perhaps when we reach the end of the experience we’ll understand the benefits, and that will be the answer to why we did it.

Ecuador is a good country.  Living here is considerably less expensive than living in the US.  At the same time, the quality of life isn’t the same in terms the predictability of almost everything.  In the USA we know how to talk, buy food, find things, exercise, etc.  Here everything has to be figured out.  Another factor is that here there’s a constant subtle threat of theft or worse which we don’t feel in most places in the States. The “or worse”  scenario isn’t too significant here, but we have certainly been warned by many to stay out of the “red zone” which is the border area between Ecuador and Columbia.


2 thoughts on “How we Feel

  1. Eve

    Love reading your blog!!! Thanks for sharing the words and photos to bring it alive for us. We just returned from a week hiking in the Italian lake district and then 4 nights in Sevilla with Johnny. We took him and his friends to dinner and I asked what they like the best about Sevilla and what they miss the most from home. You nailed it – the convenience and ease of getting whatever you want, whenever you need it, with ease, was a big issue for the boys. Applied to food, transportation, miscellaneous. We miss you guys and glad you are having fun! XOXO

    1. danmarshall22 Post author

      Great to hear from you! The contrast to “ease, convenience” etc. that we hear from people who are here (expats) and enjoying it is the “simple life” (aka less expensive) that you can live here. Not sure that’s my cup of tea but it’s another perspective. Char


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