Our home for two weeks in Mantanita

Our stay in the cabanas was about as close to living in an Isla Vista environment as we will ever get!  We were definitely the oldest inhabitants! 

Our German friend Sabine.

Our German friend Sabine.

We met a new friend, from Germany, who is 47, an  another German woman who is 34, then the ages dropped  down to 29 but really the predominant age was between 18 and 25. Many of the students were from N Europe, so German was a predominant language.




The cabanas were cheap but really pretty nice.They were arranged around a court yard that has a garden and pool and Jacuzzi and common kitchen/entertainment area.

View of our cabanas

View of our cabanas

One night there was a barbecue with entertainment and lots of liquor.  The 18-22 year old guys (there are about 6 of them) got so drunk, and loud, but not obnoxious, just loud. They went off drinking more after the party, and came home at 4 am, got dressed and left again at 6 am to go somewhere.  Sound familiar to any parents reading this?

At the barbecue  there were crazy games, determined by the teachers.  The first was a game with 4 couples, with the guy sitting in a chair, and the girl had to take a balloon and figure out how to pop it by sitting on the guy (or whatever).  We felt like we were at a college party.  The next game was a dancing game. There was an odd number of people and a broom.  You danced with someone for awhile until the music stopped then found another partner. If you didn’t find one, you danced with a broom. This did happen to Char!  If you were caught with the broom twice, you had to do something stupid one of the teachers thought up.  The youngest loudest guy “won” so he had to stand up against the wall and write the numbers 1-10 with his butt.   Char danced with several young college aged guys and Dan with the young ladies also.  Actually it was a free for all…everyone dancing with everyone.  Gender didn’t really matter much after awhile, you just grabbed whoever was closest!


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