High Altitude Hiking

While in Quito we took a tram  called the Teleferico up out of the valley towards the top of an extinct volcano called Pinchincha, and hiked around.  We were surprised to see our altimeter register 13,800 feet because the vegetation is so verdant.  We’d been at sea level the day before, so there were lots of pauses between steps.


2 thoughts on “High Altitude Hiking

  1. flore baudouin

    what an adventure!… i love it!… you give me the best preview i could have (though will have only a few of your discoveries/experiences) before going on my Ecuador/Galapagos trip in february. when you are back think of making a documentary movie… this is awesome…

    1. danmarshall22 Post author

      Flore, thanks for your comment. We’re so thrilled to hear that you’ll be visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos. Perhaps we can meet up – who knows? We’d love to hear the details of your plans.
      Dan and Char


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