Learning to Kite Surf and Salsa

This blog entry is a little different.  After the Spanish school we traveled up the coast to the town of Manta where Char took private Salsa classes while Dan took kite surfing lessons.  This entry has a series of short notes followed by a gallery of our favorite photos with captions.

The hugging taxi driver

In Manta we used a taxi driver named Leo.  At the end of the week, when we said good-bye, he hugged both of us.  Have you ever been hugged by a taxi driver?

Dan’s kite surfing friend

Dan commuted the 15 miles from Manta to the Kite Surfing School.

Lucien in his Land Rover

Lucien in his Land Rover.  These classic land rovers were designed for easy maintenance in remote locations and zero cup holders.

One of the school’s teachers, a young German named Lucien, picked Dan up in the school’s classic old beat up black land rover.  When Dan first got in the vehicle, Lucien asked “so what’s your secret?”.  It seemed an odd question deserving an odd answer, so Dan replied “I’m a retired successful drug smuggler”, and asked Lucien what his secret was.  Lucien replied that he can’t figure out what to do with his life.  Many discussions of this topic ensued, and many of them related to a video called “Sunscreen” which Lucien had found.  He watches it daily, almost like taking vitamins.

Other photos with captions:


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