Renting an Apartment

We planned to stay in Cuenca for at least 3 weeks, and rent an apartment.  There were several reasons: We wanted to be able to eat salads and vegetables  that had been treated so we wouldn’t get sick and we wanted to taste what it would feel like to live in one place for awhile.  Living in one place also helps bring down the expenses a bit too.


Our hari-stylist landlord and her assistant hook up the gas line and regulator for the stove.

After several days of “house hunting” we settled on a 3 bedroom apartment owned by a hair-dresser.  When we started moving in we found that we were the first tenants and there were gaps in the provisioning (understatement).  For example the stove wouldn’t function.  When the hair dresser and her 17 year old assistant immediately set to work diagnosing the source of the problem, and hooking up the gas line, using a match to soften up the tubing, we were pretty impressed.

Actually this has  turned out to be a terrific location.  Every morning Char participates in

Celebrating our first night in our own apartment!

Celebrating our first night in our own apartment!

the city sponsored Bailoterapia program while Dan runs along one of the rivers.  We’re also close to three different markets.  One is the huge” Feria Libre” where several hundred vendors sell everything from live chickens to socks.  Dan had buttons sewn onto his pants pockets by a seamstress there.  At the other extreme is the Super-Maxi, which is similar to a USA market.  It’s interesting that there’s almost always a long queue of cars lined up trying to get into the Super-Maxi parking lot.


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