Cuenca Celebrates Independence Day

Interestingly, each of the cities in Ecuador?????????????????????? celebrates a different day of independence.  The reason is that they didn’t all break free of Spanish rule at the same time.  When you think about it, it seems remarkable that the 13 Colonies all considered July 4 to be the day of independence.  Celebrations in Cuenca went on for several days with fireworks, parades, craft sales, traffic jams etc. 

One of our favorite images from the celebrations was this sign photographed in an outhouse.  The first two images are pretty straight forward: Don’t smoke or throw things in the toilet. But are the 3rd and 4th telling us to not barf or stick our foot in the toilet. We think number 5 is asking us to please not pee out of the toilet while sitting on the toilet.  Number 6 gets the grand prize, with its request that we not do cannon balls into the toilet.

More pictures from the celebrations:


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