Pucon…an adrenaline capital of Chile

Villarica volcano at night

Villarica volcano at sunset.  It steamed continually while we were there.

Pucon is a wonderful town at the northern end of the Lake District. It’s dominated by a huge snow covered volcano called Villarrica and is located on the shores of Lake Villarrica. Think about Tahoe City and Jackson Wyoming. There are oodles of rafting, kayaking, mountaineering, and trekking tour companies sprinkled amongst the restaurants and hostals.

The town was very peaceful, but evidently what we saw was nothing compared to Jan – Feb when Chileans go on summer vacation.

The black sand beach of Lake Villarrica

The black sand beach of Lake Villarrica

In Pucon, we enjoyed meeting a young S. Korean couple who were staying in the same hostal as us. We went hiking with them one day in a national park nearby. They had chosen to spend their honeymoon exploring South America for two months, rather than a more traditional Hawaiian beach vacation. We learned a lot about Korean customs, particularly those related to weddings! Their descriptions of S. Korea made us more interested in visiting there some day.ErinAndAlex

Other photos from Pucon

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