We went wine tasting Chile’s Colchagua Valley. It’s big, and beautiful in the crystal clear light. The valley is roughly as big as Napa’s, Sonoma’s, and Mendocino’s wine regions combined. Wine tasting costs $20 to $60 per person, and you have to schedule your visit, but each vineyard has a special treat. For example, at Viu Manent we rode in a horse drawn wagon through the vineyards. At Montes we tasted in the cellar, surrounded by barrels, while gregorian chants played.

The region’s specialty is Carmenere wine. Evidenty it was very popular in France until a fungus killed all of the vines. Everyone thought that Carmenere was history. Then someone noticed that some of the Merlot grapes in Chile mature several weeks after the rest. An expert thought they looked like Carmenere, a genetic test was done, and now Chile grows lots of Carmenere. We hadn’t heard of it in the US, but we really like it. It’s like a Merlot with a stronger flavor. Anyone interested in the wine importing business?


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