Coffee – Nescafe Rules

20131120_113714Chileans don’t drink expresso (much).  Whenever we order a “latte” or “cappuchino” we find it is made with Nescafe instant coffee that has milk or whipped cream added.  We are not sure if they just prefer Nescafe or if there just aren’t many espresso machines around.  In order to survive this phenomenon, we are working on developing a taste for hot milk with a lot of Nescafe thrown in to make it strong. It seems that Nestle has sewn up the coffee market in Chile. They advertise heavily, and they provide huge impressive looking Nescafe machines to the shops.


Two weeks after writing the above we’ve become Nescafe converts!  It’s fast, strong, cheap, and it tastes good.  Try it!  Put two teaspoons of Nescafe in a cup, add a tiny bit of boiling water and stir, fill with hot milk. Enjoy.


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