Chile’s Rivers and Lakes Districts

Once we were in Pucon, we had entered Chile’s Rivers district. 

Map of the Lakes and Rivers Area

Map of the Lakes and Rivers Area

The rivers district also has a lot of lakes.  After the rivers district, we entered the lakes district, which has also a lot of rivers.  So we are talking about them and their incredible scenery and recreational opportunities all together. 

Imagine an area with roughly the size and the climate of the area from San Francisco  to Redding, add in seven or more lakes the size of Tahoe, a collection of snow covered volcanoes, crystal clear waters and sparkling air, and an exceedingly small number of people and roads…and you have Chile’s Rivers and Lakes Districts.  During Chile’s late spring, summer, and early fall it’s a real delight.  The verdant green foliage everywhere testifies to the two to three meters of rain this area gets annually.

The economy here seems to rely almost entirely on tourism, and there aren’t that many tourists because it’s hard to get here. If you visit, December is a great time because the weather seems generally good and the Chileans have not yet come down from the north for their summer holidays.  Compared to Tahoe standards, there is little development.  Lakeside property is enjoyed by cows and to-die-for views are enjoyed by sheep.  Many of the roads are gravel, so when driving around, you get a feeling of remoteness.

Below are some of our favorite photos.  You can control the speed of the slide show by clicking in the first photo and using  the arrows.  A separate post has photos of Waterfalls and Volcanoes.

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3 thoughts on “Chile’s Rivers and Lakes Districts

  1. Patti Bayers

    Merry Christmas to both of you! Thank you for allowing us to follow you on this most excellent adventure!! Looking forward to what’s to come.
    Mike & Patti Bayers


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