Waterfalls Galore

Map of Iguazu Park

Map of Iguazu Park

We flew almost two hours north to the Argentina/Brazil/Paraguay border to see Iguazu Falls. It´s an awe inspiring spot where an enormous amount of water drops about 250 feet.  Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” because Niagra is about a third shorter.  Iguazu actually has about 270 individual falls, and miles of trails from which to stare at them in wonder.  There are also boats which take you up close and personal with the falls.   One thing we didn’t know about Iguazu Falls is that it is in the jungle and there are an amazing number of interesting birds, butterflies and some unusual mammals there.

As you can see in the map above, on the far left (Western) side there´s an area called Devils Throat, which is a narrow deep valley with waterfalls on all sides.

A 1.5 minute video we made is here:  Video of Iguazu

The pictures below show the falls on the East side first, then the West side, then the Plants and animals.


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