A Perfect Day in Spain

We are writing this from the Costa del Sol, Spain,20141005_230028 in a town called Nerja. Today was one of those “perfect” days. After a leisurely morning of exercise, breakfast and coffee, we headed to the beach and rented kayaks. The Mediterranean Sea was calm, turquoise, refreshing and clear. We didn’t need any snorkel gear to see the fish! After 2+ hours kayaking, we headed to a busy restaurant serving paella cooked in GIGANTIC pots over a wood fire. It tasted good with the cerveza and sangria! Next we went snorkeling where we saw an octopus and found a recent model GoPro camera on the sandy bottom! (The GoPro still works after 6 weeks under water). How to top that off? Cocktails at an open air beach bar of course. And a late night flamenco show.

How did we end up here? After two delightful months in California catching up with friends, family, and taxes, we flew to Madrid. Why Spain? We wanted to practice our Spanish some more; we expected good weather; and we hadn’t spent much time there. Once in Spain, we decided that what we wanted to see most was the South, so we rented a car and headed there.

A map and more Nerja pictures are below:


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Day in Spain

    1. danmarshall22 Post author

      Good to hear from you Ramon. Ya, the Paella was fun in part because everyone in the crowded restaurant was sharing from the same pot.
      How are things with you? Are you planning any more jungle cruises?


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