Zaragoza, where Virgin Mary visited

Zaragoza Cathedral

Zaragoza Cathedral

The third town we visited was Zaragoza (“Cesar August” was the origin of the name.) Our apartment looked out over the plaza to the big church there. It is called Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar. There are two special things about this church. The primary one is that Saint James was visited by the Virgin Mary here in 40 A.D. She was standing on top of a pillar with some angels, and she gave St James a wooden image of herself. This story has been confirmed by numerous Cardinals. During our visit we saw a continuous stream of people coming to pray, see the wooden image, and kiss the base of the pillar where she appeared. See here for more details.

The second special thing that we know of, is that in 1640 a one legged beggar, who used to sit on the steps of the church and pray to Our Lady of the

Chocholate shoes, Zaragoza

Chocholate shoes, Zaragoza

Pillar, awoke one night to find that he had two legs. More details are here.

The other amazing thing about Zaragoza is that they have a bakery that makes cakes that look like fruit, chocolate that looks like shoes, and a chicken cake that is beyond belief.


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