Guggenheim Art Museum – Bilbao

Guggenheim Art museum

Guggenheim Art Museum

Spain continued to surprise and delight us as we continued west along the north coast. It´s generally a series

One of our favorite pieces was "Installation for Bilbao" by Jenny Holzer. An 18 second video of it is here,

One of our favorite pieces was “Installation for Bilbao” by Jenny Holzer. An 18 second video of it is here,

of fishing villages, surf beaches, and rocky points. One of our favorite stops was Bilbao, home to the incredible Guggenheim Art Museum. Due to the unusual design and appeal of the building, the whole city seems to be a bit of an art mecca. The Guggenheim itself is located along the banks of a river. The building is smooth, organic, and flowing in its design, yet made of titanium tiles which should seem hard. But its swirling shapes make it look like a giant space ship or sea creature. Who would not like the giant spider statue on the outside? (OK, Char). But Char did enjoy the colorful balloon statue.

TULIPS, Jeff Koons

TULIPS, Jeff Koons

(or are those tulips) as well as the GIANT Schnauzer made out of plants that decorate the outside. Inside one of our favorite pieces of art was “A Matter of Time”, an enormous exhibit of curving walls of steel, which you could walk through and get lost in. No photos allowed, but we didn’t know that at first! The building, and the surrounding bridges, the river, and the art outside the Guggenheim all contribute to making Bilbao a worthwhile stop. One interesting thing about Bilbao is that it used to be a dirty industrial city (think Pittsburgh). Someone, somehow, convinced the Guggenheim foundation to place a museum there, and the rest is history.

A slide show of other Guggenheim photos is below.

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