Barcelona Area

We explored several areas around Barcelona, including beach towns to the North and South, a mountainous area loaded with religious significance and the homes of both Dalí and his wife Gala (who lived in a small castle 40 miles away).

Map Barcelona Area

Map Barcelona Area

Photos are in an album below, sorted by location. Starting in the North,

  • Cadaques is a fishing village where Dalí lived.
  • Púbol is where his wife, Gala lived.
  • Sa Riera and Aigua Blava are beach towns.
  • Monseratt is a mountainous area where there is a monastery – evidently lots of people make pilgrimages to Monseratt.
  • Castelldefels is a huge flat beach near Barcelona which is good for kite surfing.
  • Sitges is a beach town quite accessible to Barcelona, and very popular with its residents, particularly in the summer.

 Cadaques, where Dalí lived

Dalí´s creations, which are outrageous, provocative, and intriguing are very finely executed.  His home is in a fishing village, where he bought up several fisherman´s cabins and converted them to his own bizarre taste.  Wandering through them was a visual adventurous delight with new wonders at every turn.

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 Dalís´s wife Gala´s castle in Púbol

Evidently they purchased this castle, and refurbished it.  We wonder if she lived separate from him because he was so crazy!

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Beach towns near Barcelona – Sa Riera and Aigua Blava

Monseratt – a mountainous town with a monastary

Castelldefels – close to Barcelona and good for kite surfing

Sitges, a delightful beach town quite accessible to Barcelona


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