A popular tourist island

Koh Samui – Beach Hopping and Tourist Trapping

We took a ferry over to beautiful Koh Samui island, including a day trip to Ang Thong marine park. Some favorite photos are below. Now that we have been to other parts of Thailand as well, our advice is that if you can travel to other parts of Thailand, we would recommend skipping the Koh Samui area. It is nice, but super over-developed with traffic jams in many places. If you do go, we recommend looking for the less obvious, less busy southern parts of the island, and traveling into the interior of the island through the jungle areas, as they are less developed and very pleasant.

Favorite Photos of Koh Samui are below.  Below them there are photos from our Thailand Road trip.  Driving took us to some areas where tourists are seldom seen.


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The following photo gallery captures some images from our road trip in Thailand, mostly traveling south from Sukhothai to Suratthani (jumping off point for Koh Samui and Khao Sok park) and then north back to Bangkok.

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