Indonesia travel tips

We learned that you need to plan plenty of time for transitioning from place to place. There is typically air travel, maybe boat travel, and ground travel to arrange and then accomplish. In 4 weeks we basically saw 4 places. So if you have a short time to travel, try to plan it all ahead from home to avoid wasting time. If you have a fairly long time to travel, you can plan as you go. We just had the 30 day tourist visa, and could have seen more if we had planned better.

Lion Air and its affiliate Wings are the key low cost carriers to and from the various Indonesian locations. But they do not accept N. American credit cards online. So you need to either register with a web site like or or buy tickets through a travel agent or in person at an airport. This was an unanticipated time sink for us and we were not able to succeed in registering with the web sites.

Anticipate the need to be patient with Indonesian internet. In many of the places we stayed, free wifi was a feature (which we required) but very frequently it was sporadic or too slow to count on. This was frustrating, particularly if we had a time-bound task, like organizing travel. We did have data plans on our cell phone SIM chips, so sometimes we’d use them as wireless hot spots when the lodging’s internet failed.


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