Designs seen in Ecuador

Park Exercise Equipment

Consider the par course exercise equipment we have in US parks. The Ecuadorian equipment is different in that there is always movement.  For example, when you push down on the bars your body is lifted.  Also, many of the machines are very rewarding even for people who are not very fit.  In several instances this is accomplished through a swinging motion, which causes lots of movement with little effort.

Hosteria Mendela in Puerto Mendoza

Fishing Boats, Puerto Lopez


The winch on this boat is powered by a 5 HP engine, connected with an automobile transmission.

Art using re-used materials


We were frequently impressed by the design, craftsmanship, and solid character of the Ecuadorian doors.

Stairs in the wilderness


These steps are sitting on an aluminum frame. The frame can be carried into the wilderness and secured using rocks. Then the treadals can be screwed to the frame.




A hand push go-kart.


This house appeared to be made from long tubes of plastic, filled with something like grass, and then wrapped around and around like a coil pot. Then it was covered with concrete.


This back-pack was interesting because the weight is carried on the front as well as the back.


Game in which the user pulls on two strings go guide a marble down a route, without falling into a hole. This game appeared to be easy to make, and fun to play.


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