Table of Contents


Quito Arrival
Quito Overview
Link to full set of 133 Quito Photos
Ecuador’s Government
Quito – People we met
Puerto Lopez
Bella Vista – Cloud Forest
Transportation in Ecuador
Ecuador is big
Photos From the Road
Ecuadorian Road Trip
How we Feel
Trip to Las Frailes
Stories from Montanita
Our home for two weeks in Mantanita
The Spanish language school
Studying Spanish for 2 weeks in Montanita
High Altitude Hiking
Learning to Kite Surf and Salsa
Street Scenes from Quito
Church Climbing
A dramatic day in Baños, Ecuador
High Altitude Hiking in Cajas National Park
Stories from Cuenca
Renting an Apartment
Our first Cuenca “Home”
Hanging our Hats in Cuenca
Bus ride to Cuenca
Horseback Riding in Emerald Andean Mountains, about 15 miles South of Cuenca
Ecuador Exchange Rates and Politics
A Normal Day
Girlfriends… check this out!
Vilcabamba, the Valley of Longevity
A Visit to Gualaceo, a pueblo near Cuenca
Cuenca Celebrates Independence Day


Pucon…an adrenaline capital of Chile
San Francisco South – Valpariso
Living in a winery….Vina Chillan
Book Story
Coffee – Nescafe Rules
Coffee Bars
Politics: Allende, Pinochet, and Current
Chile Overview
Volcano Skier
Thermals Thermals and more Thermals
We lived in a Yellow Shoe
Running with the cows
Puerto Varas.. Chile’s other adrenaline capital
Horse Fly Stomachs
Favorite Photos of Waterfalls and Volcanoes
Chile’s Rivers and Lakes Districts


A town rebuilding from massive volcanic destruction – Chaiten
A Big River and Romance in Futaleufu
Pumalin Park – Has Larry Ellison met his match?
Two Dinners in Puelo
Chile’s Yosemite – Cochamo, and a Nasty Trick
Chiloe Island… a trip into the past
Northern Patagonia – Transportation, Christmas, and Controversy
Heading north to Santiago
The LakeTahoe of South America
Glaciers and Bars
Fitz Roy and El Chalten
Iconic Spires and Wild Winds
Southern Patagonia in (summer?)


Buenos Aires
Argentina, “We’re not in Chile anymore”
An emerald oasis, Elqui Valley
Waterfalls Galore


Accidental Tourists in Uruguay


How to See the Galapagos
Other Favorite Galapagos Photos
Interesting animal factoids 
What Makes the Galapagos so Unique?
The Galapagos Islands are Very Magical


Lake Titicaca – Lake Tahoe on Steroids
A trek into the world´s deepest canyon
Convents and Cooking
The Inca Empire
Machu Picchu
Trekking to Machu Picchu
Our Favorite Peruvian City – Cusco
Peru’s Amazon jungle


Columbia´s Warm Caribbean Coast


Interesting things we´ve observed in Spain
Traveling through Andalusian Spain and Madrid
A Perfect Day in Spain
Colorful stops as we headed North

Spain – North West

Granada and the Alhambra
Nerja, our South Coast Favorite
The Basque Country
Dan & Char´s walk on the Camino
Camino de Santiago, The Way of St James
Zaragoza, where Virgin Mary visited
Museum of Wine Culture – Briones
Where is it dry? 1st stop Burgos
A Quick Dip into Portugal
We Finish Camino de Santigao.
More North Coast Spain Beach Towns
Guernica, Bombed by its Own Government.
Guggenheim Art Museum – Bilbao
Wandering through Spain´s NW region
Spanish Design

Spain – Barcelona / Catalonia

Historical Notes – Barcelona
Culture of Barcelona and Catalonia
Barcelona Area
Barcelona – Capital of Catalonia


Hiking Italy’s Cinque Terre




Chiang Mai & Mtns in N Thailand
2 Great Snorkeling Areas
Khao Lak
Phang-Nga Bay
Phuket – A popular Island
Bangkok – Thailand’s Capital
Glimpses of Thailand
A popular tourist island
Shasta on steroids – Khao Sok
Thailand’s answer to Rome, Sukhothai
Other Stories and “facts” from Cambodia
People we met in Cambodia and their Stories


Indonesia travel tips
Favorite Fish Photos
Komodo Dragons Eat People
NE Sulawesi Isl. – Beaches to Volcanoes
Bali – Ancient Hindu Traditions
Sunsets, Snorkeling, Beaches in Gili
Things we noticed in Indonesia
Indonesia – the land of a million smiles